Doesn't time fly???

Well, as you've probably noticed there's quite a few months gone by since my last post. That's probably because my little brother has had to have 2 operations on his eyes.
Luckily for him i'm a great brother and recently have been giving him lots of cuddles! Plus I have been helping mum and dad by stopping him climbing in the dog bed and splashing in the dog's water bowl.

As for me, I'm now 3 years old. I spent part of the day with daddy then went for a sleepover at Aunty Alison's. I got lots of really good things -
Mum and dad got me a kid proof camera, snakes and ladders and some big boy pants with Thomas on.
Grandma Barbara got me some play food and a till, plus lots of other things like tops.
Liam got me 2 Mr Men books
Grandma Jigsaw got me a jigsaw and a game called Guess Who.
Uncle Adrian got me a game, a Thomas book and a top.
Aunty Alison got me a box full of craft things with scissors, paint and glue.
I spent Grandad Brian's money on some more small trains and a carry case for them.

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