Lap time to Nap time

Recently Daddy has started putting me in the buggy and walking me around the block a couple of times just before bedtime. Well tonight I was ready for him and didn't fall asleep as soon as we started moving. Not only that I stayed awake for the whole trip and once we returned to our home, I started squawking!

Cards R Us

This image is of almost all the cards my parents received after my birth, there are 57 of them in total on the table. The 60+ children in my Mummy's classes in year 4 also made cards making the total over 100!!!

Thanks go to the following for the cards (in no specific order and sorry for anyone I've missed);

Sam & Uncle Steve, Aunty Marjorie, Aunty Alison Kevin Daniel & Laura, Rebecca & Michael, Joyce, Aunty Edna, Sadie & Frank, John & Ruth, Hilda & Paul, Susan & Mike, Bev John & Aidan, Margaret, Graham & Susan, Steph Dave Luke Matt & 'bump', Chris Angela Jac & Jamie, Aunty Sue, Hilary and Allan, Diane, Gillian David & Laura, Averil Neil Helen & Thomas, Uncle Adrian, Freda, Friends of St Ives committee, Aunty Karen, John & Freda, Tony, John Mags & Andrew, Linda, Anthea, Christine, Margaret & Sam, Joy & John, Rachel Garry Mollie & Tom, Margaret, Elaine & Ed, Noel & Pauline, Aunty Leanne Lee Reece & Mackenzie, Uncle Colin Aunty Christine & Jason, Kath & Stuart, Uncle Gareth Aunty Alison Kerrie & Abigail, BOG, Tanith & George, Neville Anne Katie Richard, Lindsey Howard & Bethany, Hilda, John Maxine Laura & Luke, Uncle Simon William and Jonathon, Becky Wayne Lizzie Matthew & Thomas, Sal, Grandma Barbara, Grandad Brian & Elaine, Joan & Ruby, Grandma Lesley & Gordon, SpaceKraft, Vi & Carol, Clayton CE Primary.

Cousin Laura & I

My Aunty Alison brought cousin Laura around again today. This time Laura got to have cuddles!

Sweat Rash

Not just happy with a little rash from my nappy, a sweat rash developed around my face, neck and chest. Sometimes it's not so bad, other times it looks a bit angry. This is perfectly normal for a baby and appears from 2 to 6 weeks but it will go of it's own accord.

Cousin Abi & I

We had more visitors today when my cousin Abi arrived accompanied by her parents Uncle Gareth and another Aunty Alison.
I didn't have one of my good days today as I appear to be a bit windy, so I was awake most of the day either squawking or feeding. Much to my Mummy's annoyance I stopped when Daddy arrived home from work. To give my Mummy a little bit of a break Daddy took me out in the buggy and pushed me around the block a couple of times. That kept me quiet and by the time we'd gone one and a half times around the block I'd fallen asleep!

Aunty Leanne and I

My Aunty Leanne visited today, with her came "Uncle Lee" and my cousins Reece and Mackenzie. 'Kenzie kept kissing the top of my head with wet sloppy kisses.

I found their visit so tiring I was asleep for most of the afternoon, and at some point in my Daddy's arms I adopted the "catching flies" position

Grandma Lesley & I

Grandma Lesley laying down the law already!

The Clone Wars

My Daddy at 6 days old and me at a similar age

Great Great Aunty Edna

This afternoon we called into see my Great Great Aunty Edna. It was the first time Edna and I have met.

Later on in the afternoon I decided that if I was awake and not feeding I was going to cry. I cried pretty much all late afternoon and well into the evening with the only respite when I was feeding.

Final Midwife visit

Mummy was given a clean bill of health today by the Midwife. The bruising and swelling has gone down sufficient for her to be signed off and we won't be getting any more visits by Midwives. I was weighed again and have achieved 8lb 8oz which means I have gained double what the Midwife expected of me in the last four days!

Hi-Ho it's off to work we go......

At the grand old age of two weeks and one day, Daddy and Mummy took me to my Daddy's workplace. Lots of people oo-ed and ah-ed at me, some even cooed, but I slept through the lot. I even got cuddles off the office girls.

Mummy is feeling better by the day, enough to have her photo taken holding me, though I'm about to gum her thumb!

Health Visit #1

The Health Visitor called around today. She gave my parents a few leaflets and asked a few questions. She told my Mummy what a great job she was doing as I am sleeping okay, feeding okay and filling my nappies okay.

Well done Mummy!

Top Tip: Pregnancy Books

Only read these if you feel the need to as when your baby is born you should just go with the flow and let your baby decide when to do things. Every baby is different so how can how to deal with them be written down in a book. If you read more than one book they contradict each other anyway......

Birth registered

Daddy went into town today and registered my birth and came home with my birth certificate.

Mad dogs and Daddys

This afternoon we had our first full family outing to Marley Playing fields.

Midwife Visit #4

Another midwife turned up today and weighed me again. This time I weighed 8lbs 1oz and everybody was happy that I'm gaining weight. I'm now above my birth weight in less than two weeks.

One of my bibs is missing....

My first trip outside

Today I was dressed for the outdoors and put into our buggy. Initially I wasn't impressed but as the journey started I fell asleep and didn't wake up until we were home. Apparently we went to the nearest shop and bought some supplies.

Happee Father's Day Dad

To celebrate my first Father's Day I wore my disney outfit. Later I managed to distract my parents while they were changing my nappy and I peed all over it.

The Mummy

Today my Grandad Brian arrived all the way from Norfolk, via a Halifax hotel. My Mummy decided she was well enough to venture downstairs for a while.

Quite Simply the best Mummy in the galaxy, having to put up with me squawking and her soreness, coupled with an infection. She's fantastic!

Midwife visit #3

Today I was weighed again and to the pleasure of all I was only one ounce lighter then my birth weight. So after nine days I now weigh 3520 grams which is about 7lb 12 oz in old money.

One week old....scary I know!

Father & Son

This is my daddy. He's taken to this fatherhood business like a duck to water. Plus he's been running around looking after my mummy. What a clever man!

Uncle Adrian's visit

Top Tip: Cotton Wool Balls

Don't bother with cotton wool balls, they are expensive and too small for the job. Buy the 500 gram rolls or go to your nearest pound shop. We got a 200 gram bag for, you guessed it, a pound! You just have to be careful not to leave any bits behind as it's not in neat little ball shapes!


My Grandma West brought my Mummy a cushion to aid with her difficulties downstairs, so I decided to try it out for comfort........

Football initiation

To give my Mummy a little time to relax my Daddy allowed me to watch the football. The match was boring and the chair so comfortable I started to nod off.....

Midwife visit #2

Another Midwife came today and weighed me. I now weigh 200 grams less than when I was born but this is well within normal parameters. She showed my parents a different technique for breast feeding which should prove more comfortable for my mummy until she heals.

She also explained that when first attached I take short gulps to get things going and then take longer sups as the milk flows.....

Midwife visit #1

The midwife called today to see how my parents and I are coping. She was very impressed, especially with my dads ability of attaching me for breast feeding. So much so she wanted to take him to give lessons in the art!

Mummy is still a bit poorly down below after the Episiotomy she needed to give birth to me.


A great big thank you must go to the midwives of Airedale Hospital as they were fantastic, both in the delivery room and on ward 21.