Clan Gathering December 2008

From the left, Dan, Uncles Gareth & Simon, Aunty Alison, Cousin Kerrie, Grandma Jigsaw, Cousin Abi, Aunty Sam and the hand of Uncle Steve

Cousins William, Jonathon, Daniel and Laura

Aunty Alison the second

Great Great Aunty Marjorie

Earlier this week I visited my Great Great Aunty Marjorie with my Mummy and Grandma Sing-song. Thankfully I had recovered from my recent cough and cold, which was my first ailment of my life so far!

High chair antics


Cutest little porridge face...

6 Months old

Here I am ready to brave the winter weather in my buggy.

Here I am losing balance while laid on a bed.

Contemplation at 25 weeks

25 Weeks

At the grand old age of 25 weeks I now weigh 17lbs 7oz. I've been tucking into liquidized veg and fruit. My diet now includes; carrot, parsnip, cauliflower, broccoli, apple, sweet potato, butternut squash and banana.

Five months one week

Today I cut my first two teeth. Front two at the least my parents know what all the extra squawking has been about. I have also been weighed and am now 16lbs 13oz.

Me and my mate Will

Will and I in Will's play-mat.
this image is the property of L.Saunders

Magic wool sleepsuit

Here's one knitted by Grandma Jigsaw from "magic wool" which keeps me nice and snug at bedtime.......

I've started so I'll finish....

Here I am trying out solids for the first time, like a duck takes to water....

Are you looking at me????


My new teether- yum!

I know this one looks like a dummy but it's a teething gum shield!!

Vocal training

At Four and a half months old I am trying many new vocal excercises. At the moment I am clearly mastering Orca.

Me and Grandad Brian

Four months old

Here are a collection of images taken at about 4 months old.
Here's Grandma Barbara...

It's tiring being me! Aha! The remote is mine...all mine.

Visiting Aunty Alison's

These snaps were taken at Aunty Alison's. Where both my cousins, Daniel and Laura, were happy to see me. I even delayed my squawking especially for them.

Great Great Aunty Edna's 90th Birthday

I was the centre of attention with lots of old folk cooing and ahhing at me at G G Aunty Edna's birthday party. Here I am with Grandma Lesley.....

...... and with my Mummy

My first spoon

Mummy handed me a plastic spoon and without being shown what to do with it, I put it in my mouth.

My first holiday snaps......

These images were taken during a few days away at the East coast of Yorkshire. We had two nights in a B&B at Scarborough, one night at Flamborough Head and one night at Uncle Adrian's in Hull. The weather was glorious for a change. I also had my first trips in our baby bjorn carrier.

Happy Birthday Mummy

Three months old

Cousin Daniel and I
I'm not quite ready for these just yet.....

Three months old and my weight gain has slowed, now I'm at 14lb 6oz. I have grown in length though to 61cm. I am currently quite chatty though mainly I converse with the fairies and mu mobile. I smile a lot more, especially when my parents make funny noises and pull strange faces.