Visiting Aunty Alison's

These snaps were taken at Aunty Alison's. Where both my cousins, Daniel and Laura, were happy to see me. I even delayed my squawking especially for them.

Great Great Aunty Edna's 90th Birthday

I was the centre of attention with lots of old folk cooing and ahhing at me at G G Aunty Edna's birthday party. Here I am with Grandma Lesley.....

...... and with my Mummy

My first spoon

Mummy handed me a plastic spoon and without being shown what to do with it, I put it in my mouth.

My first holiday snaps......

These images were taken during a few days away at the East coast of Yorkshire. We had two nights in a B&B at Scarborough, one night at Flamborough Head and one night at Uncle Adrian's in Hull. The weather was glorious for a change. I also had my first trips in our baby bjorn carrier.

Happy Birthday Mummy

Three months old

Cousin Daniel and I
I'm not quite ready for these just yet.....

Three months old and my weight gain has slowed, now I'm at 14lb 6oz. I have grown in length though to 61cm. I am currently quite chatty though mainly I converse with the fairies and mu mobile. I smile a lot more, especially when my parents make funny noises and pull strange faces.