Quote of the week

Mummy "oh no, it is raining!"

LJD " Yes, it's chuckling it down"

My question of the week

'Mummy, is it raining?'
'No Luke'.
'Then what's the sky for?'
Then my mummy went strangely quiet!!

School's IN

Started my first day at Nursery School today. Apparantly it is traditional to have a photo taken when you first wear your uniform.

Quote of the week #2

While waiting in line at the local Chemist with my Grandma Barbara who had some tablets she wanted to purchase..... I asked......"Are those to stop you being grumpy?"

The man in the queue behind us had to bite his hand to stop his laughter...


My parents do love a bargain and they found some Oxford Reading Tree books for 50p each. Mummy uses those kind of books with her children at school.
I've already started reading them and can recognise some words already....which has mightily impressed mummy I can tell you!

Doesn't time fly???

Well, as you've probably noticed there's quite a few months gone by since my last post. That's probably because my little brother has had to have 2 operations on his eyes.
Luckily for him i'm a great brother and recently have been giving him lots of cuddles! Plus I have been helping mum and dad by stopping him climbing in the dog bed and splashing in the dog's water bowl.

As for me, I'm now 3 years old. I spent part of the day with daddy then went for a sleepover at Aunty Alison's. I got lots of really good things -
Mum and dad got me a kid proof camera, snakes and ladders and some big boy pants with Thomas on.
Grandma Barbara got me some play food and a till, plus lots of other things like tops.
Liam got me 2 Mr Men books
Grandma Jigsaw got me a jigsaw and a game called Guess Who.
Uncle Adrian got me a game, a Thomas book and a top.
Aunty Alison got me a box full of craft things with scissors, paint and glue.
I spent Grandad Brian's money on some more small trains and a carry case for them.

Quote of the week

Upon hearing my baby brother crying over the monitor.

" Mummy, go get my screaming brother"

6 & 1/2 F

We went into town today and bought me some new shoes. I'm now size 6 & a half F
I broke them in around the town centre.