Contemplation at 25 weeks

25 Weeks

At the grand old age of 25 weeks I now weigh 17lbs 7oz. I've been tucking into liquidized veg and fruit. My diet now includes; carrot, parsnip, cauliflower, broccoli, apple, sweet potato, butternut squash and banana.

Five months one week

Today I cut my first two teeth. Front two at the least my parents know what all the extra squawking has been about. I have also been weighed and am now 16lbs 13oz.

Me and my mate Will

Will and I in Will's play-mat.
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Magic wool sleepsuit

Here's one knitted by Grandma Jigsaw from "magic wool" which keeps me nice and snug at bedtime.......

I've started so I'll finish....

Here I am trying out solids for the first time, like a duck takes to water....