Cards R Us

This image is of almost all the cards my parents received after my birth, there are 57 of them in total on the table. The 60+ children in my Mummy's classes in year 4 also made cards making the total over 100!!!

Thanks go to the following for the cards (in no specific order and sorry for anyone I've missed);

Sam & Uncle Steve, Aunty Marjorie, Aunty Alison Kevin Daniel & Laura, Rebecca & Michael, Joyce, Aunty Edna, Sadie & Frank, John & Ruth, Hilda & Paul, Susan & Mike, Bev John & Aidan, Margaret, Graham & Susan, Steph Dave Luke Matt & 'bump', Chris Angela Jac & Jamie, Aunty Sue, Hilary and Allan, Diane, Gillian David & Laura, Averil Neil Helen & Thomas, Uncle Adrian, Freda, Friends of St Ives committee, Aunty Karen, John & Freda, Tony, John Mags & Andrew, Linda, Anthea, Christine, Margaret & Sam, Joy & John, Rachel Garry Mollie & Tom, Margaret, Elaine & Ed, Noel & Pauline, Aunty Leanne Lee Reece & Mackenzie, Uncle Colin Aunty Christine & Jason, Kath & Stuart, Uncle Gareth Aunty Alison Kerrie & Abigail, BOG, Tanith & George, Neville Anne Katie Richard, Lindsey Howard & Bethany, Hilda, John Maxine Laura & Luke, Uncle Simon William and Jonathon, Becky Wayne Lizzie Matthew & Thomas, Sal, Grandma Barbara, Grandad Brian & Elaine, Joan & Ruby, Grandma Lesley & Gordon, SpaceKraft, Vi & Carol, Clayton CE Primary.

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